One-of-a-kind ceramics

Over the past several years we have developed our own intricate technique in which liquid stoneware

- coloured with high firing pigments of our own recipes, is slipcast, cut and shaped by hand into pieces

with unexpected double face designs in painterly effects evoking modernist art.

This process requires several days of work, a long slow drying period, and two firings of 48 hours each.

The results of this process are pieces with a wonderful tactile matte surface in which the glaze enhances their colours.

The matte glaze we have selected has the wonderful effect of different levels of sheen:

the black remaining almost entirely matte, while the blues have more of a gloss that highlights them.

New shapes in larger scale with new colours are in development, and also with new glazes.

All of our ceramics are made by us in our atelier in Amsterdam:

their irregularities are an evidence of our hand, contributing to each piece’s own special beauty.