Continuing the idea of plates as a form of wall art we started to explore the shapes of the plates we have used in our previous projects, and to this we combined both texture via textiles, and colour via pigments we add to the stoneware/porcelain. This process has lead us to research ceramic making and the idea of just what a plate is.

The forms and the textures in and of themselves become the focal point.

The pieces are unglazed and have a mat appearance unlike traditional ceramic plates used as decoration.

We first launched this project titled From a Different Cloth in 2015 at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, and continue to develop the forms and colour combinations.

All the pieces are handmade by us, and coloured in our own custom colours.

Compositions in extra white porcelain or in coloured stoneware can be created to suit any scale, from domestic to public spaces.