Amsterdam design firm Studio DeSimoneWayland was originally founded as Little Owl Design in 2010 by Marcello De Simone and Bruce Wayland.

A shared background in art history, fine art, and affinity for different cultures informs Studio DeSimoneWayland's designs.
We find inspiration in many sources and reinterpret these in our way to create new interior aesthetics for the XXI

We continually aim to create designs that diverge from our references so that they read as both modern and sophisticated, while also remaining innovative and unexpected.

In a time when almost anything can be instantly reproduced, we aim to create designs that tell a story.
For instance, our first wallpaper designs were inspired by the skies over Holland.
We combined own photographs from our trips around The Netherlands with XIX
century etchings of the Dutch sky to create designs that are personal yet historical.

Our business comprises four main categories:

  1. Wallpaper
  2. Visual Merchandising
  3. Ceramics
  4. Wall Art

Our wallpaper and VM services are produced by Studio DeSimoneWayland

Our ceramics and wall art -Altered Perspectives and Altered Histories- are created by Atelier DeSimoneWayland.

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Studio DeSimoneWayland


Elektronstraat 12

Unit 25C


1014 AP Amsterdam


The Netherlands